Recent Developments and News

    GRIS recently completed a full media change out and insulation replacement in 3 chambers of a 7 can CECO RTO


in under 48 hours. These were the final 3 chambers of the unit. In total for all 7 chambers GRIS removed and replaced 26754 media blocks and over 1700 insulating modules. GRIS was able to work with the plant to get this project completed with a minimum amount of down time for the plant. Through planning and a knowledgeable, skilled hard working work force GRIS is able to complete these types of projects in timeframes that other contractors would not be able to do.

Annual Fuel and Ethanol Workshop

Summer is Edward's favorite time of the year. I love this time of the year because of all the fun and exciting things to do AND it is the annual Fuel and Ethanol Workshop that gets my blood flowing. This year's FEW didn't disappoint.

Global Refractory Installers and Suppliers (GRIS) are huge supporters of this show and Ethanol in general. It is exciting to me to see the producers, vendors, and suppliers coming together. These types of events lead to tangible positive results.

One of my takeaways from the event was how the ethanol industry has matured. In the past there was a lot of "shooting from the hip" in Ethanol Production. Now that the industry has moved passed that initial stage we all get to reap the benefits. It is exciting to see all the vendors and the new solutions they have developed exclusively for Ethanol. Ethanol producers have helped to create an industry that has shown the world that Ethanol should be known for being innovators and leaders.

It was interesting talking with some of our previous customers; several times it had occurred to us that even our most frequent customers had no idea about the other services we offer too. Yes, our name is Global Refractory Installers and Suppliers, being a small company and team; we have the flexibility to offer so much more than just refractory. Did you know we can do equipment removal or installation or offer millwright services? We just rebuilt our website from the ground up and will continue to evolve. We want to be a place that you can turn to that will useful and relevant information for you.

Going to events like the Fuel and Ethanol Workshop reminds me that we help play a small part in a fast and innovative industry. The research and development money that has been invested over the years is paying off; the new products on the market truly amaze me. Because of everyone's dedication and hard work, Ethanol is here to stay and only going to play a larger role in the future generations.

Annual Fuel and Ethanol Workshop

We just finished the 2013 Biomass Conference in Minneapolis, MN. ( I found the conference to be incredibly fun and exciting. I think it is human nature to minimalize what we do for a living. When I left the conference I couldn't help but feel energized about playing a small part in the Biomass and related fields.

With all the new capital and resources being put into the Biomass industry, there are many needs that Global Refractory Installers and Suppliers (GRIS) can fill. We can help install new equipment, repair boilers, rebuild RTO's, and supply and service all of your refractory needs.

I personally talked with many companies we can partner with and help design solutions. GRIS is experienced and flexible enough to do anything from supplying refractory to partnering with OEM's to offer a complete turn-key installation.

With all the recent economic struggles, I love the fact that GRIS is part of a growing and exciting industry. Biomass and its related industries are positioned well for the future and GRIS will continue to be there for all of you refractory needs.


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